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Reflections After Dark

Here you can find Ron Gilberts Memories of the Drive-In. A stunning story about life at the movies.

2015_Urban_Atomic Festival

Drive-In with AIRSCREEN

Iconic, nostalgic, romantic.

Since 1933 drive in cinema has been a unique and charming way to watch the latest films. The first ever took place in the Camden Drive-in, New Jersey, USA. Ever since this moment the founding stones of car park romance were laid.

It did take a bit longer however, until the idea of the drive in really took off. The 1950’s were the boom years for the drive in with the convertible cars and Cadillac’s lining up in front of the screen to watch James Dean and his superiors.

The beauty of an drive-in cinema using an inflatable movie screen.

And the reason as to why the drive in is still as popular as ever? Freedom. In your own car you can do what you want, in comparison to contemporary multiplex cinemas. You can bring your own snacks, smoke cigarettes and turn the sound up as loud as you like as the sound comes direct through your car radio. Enjoy the beauty of Hollywood without in your own space.

But as in line with drive-in of the past, one of the best reasons to go to the drive in cinema is to go with your partner. Where else can you have a relaxing and entertaining evening out in your own chair?

Drive-in cinema with inflatable movie screen
Drive-in movies on top of a parking garage.

All that you need in order to start your very own drive-in cinema is space. Everything else you could possibly need is provided by AIRSCREEN and their sales and rental partners. With an inflatable screen any space can be turned into a drive-in with very little time and effort. Start your drive-in and profit from many years of experience from the world’s original inflatable screen company, AIRSCREEN.

Click here to download the drive-in cinema brochure including all components to start your own drive-in cinema.

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  1. Es increble su proyecto y primeramente se pueda aplicar en varios lugares y ciudades con los que no cuentan con una distracción completamente sana y en apoyo a nuestro ambiente. Bendiciones


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