About inflatable screens

With an AIRSCREEN, every location can quickly be made into a gigantic open-air cinema. No matter which places you chose: parks, stadiums, beaches, historic sites, town centres, parking lots or even lakes and rivers (as all parts of an AIRSCREEN are waterproof). It is the ideal solution wherever a large, easily transportable and quick to install projection screen is required.

AIRSCREEN is an inflatable PVC framework, constructed from hf-welded heavy-duty PVC, with an integrated wrinkle free projection screen. The screen surface is simply attached to the frame using elastic screen ties. For convenience and ease of use, the surface can remain in place as the AIRSCREEN is repeatedly inflated and deflated. The stability of the framework is guaranteed by a special continuously running low-noise fan, which backs up the high pressure inside uninterruptedly.


AIRSCREEN’s quick inflation and deflation capability is particularly useful in reduced time frame situations which may experienced due to restricted site access, on-site labour costs, short notice requirements or emergency situations caused by sudden change in weather conditions such as strong wind or thunderstorms. Where a metal frame structure would be too costly to provide, too heavy for the site or would require security protection or daily dismantling the AIRSCREEN shows its advantages. The inflatable screen does not break or tip over like old-fashioned aluminium-frame-constructions, neither is it made with any sharp or heavy parts.

There are 3 different AIRSCREEN models:

AIRSCREEN classic:

With their giant projection screens, with standard sizes ranging from 20ft to 52ft (6.10m to 16m) screen width, the classic models catch every eye and provide amazing moments at open-air events and trade fairs. While the classic Drive-in cinema celebrates its comeback, AIRSCREEN classics have become the best choice, guaranteeing stability even in higher winds.

Suitable for constant users who seek for the most durable and reliable solution for different kinds of uses.

Worth knowing: The largest frame produced by The AIRSCREEN Company so far has an overall size of gigantic 133ft x 66ft (40m x 20m).

AIRSCREEN airtight:

A smaller model,  the AIRSCREEN airtight, is available in sizes from 16ft to 24ft (4.88m x 7.32m) screen width . These have the same operational specifications as AIRSCREEN classics, but once inflated with a handheld blower, they do not require the use of a continually running fan blower. Therefore it is ideal for use in a wide variety of inside and outside advertising applications or mobile cinema.

Ideal for medium sized audiences in sensitive environments!


The newest addition to the product line combines several great features and is as portable as ever. With a 10ft x 5.6ft (3m x 1.7m) projection surface, it only weights 44lbs (20kg) and the frame takes just 60 seconds to inflate! Take your open-air cinema under your arm and put it where you want it to be. As the AIRSCREEN airtight models, the AIRSCREEN nano is completely sealed and does not need a permanent running blower.

The perfect outdoor screen solution for garden parties, backyard cinema events and anything in between. Ideal for everyone who want to set up a small cinema easily and quickly.

More information about inflatable move screens and suitable projectors and sound systems here: http://www.airscreen.com

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